SV74 - Jess & Kayla Together in Swimsuits
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A special update this month! Jess & Kayla together in swimsuits. Enjoy them inside & outside in a pair of Speedo Hydrasuits, Coca Cola Hydrasuits & Even Adidas Full Body Catsuits!

In the first scene we join Jess & Kayla indoors wearing matching Black Speedo Hydrasuit swimsuits. They both know how sexy they look wearing the suits and can't wait to feel each others suits & show off to you guys. They bend over, feel each others tits through the swimsuits & lots more! The scene ends with them putting on a pair of Jeans over the top of the swimsuits ready to go outside.

We follow the girls as they walk in public wearing Jeans & a Black Speedo Hydrasuit Swimsuit on top. Everyone was looking at them as we walked along to the park. They sat on a bench and feeled each other up, with a guy sat watching them in the distance the girls felt really naughty & were getting off on the fact they were being watched in public wearing swimsuits. On the way back to the house they even drop their jeans to show off each other's butt's in swimsuits... Just as a man walks past & gets an eye full!

For the next scene we join the girls outdoors in the back yard playing with a bat & ball... We film them playing games, which includes plenty of bending over, moving about & the girls enjoying the suits. Jess is wearing a Purple Hydrasuit & Kayla is still in a Black Hydrasuit. Enjoy seeing the girls & suits play in the sun!

The girls have changed into a pair of Black Matching Coca Cola High Neck Swimsuits for you next. The suits just fit the girls, covering up their bums & boobs. The suits keep riding up their bum cracks but the girls know you enjoy that! They do a little fashion show for you walking up to the camera & back, before they spot a rope next to the shed & decide to do a tug of war to find out who is strongest. It all ends in tears & they are soon fighting & wrestling to show who's best! All in swimsuits of course.

The final scene finishes inside with the girls in matching Adidas Full Body Catsuits, they just love the feel & look of each others cute bodies covered in Shiny Black Adidas Spandex. They walk up to the camera & show off how tight & shiny they are,  touching, feeling & teasing just for you. Especially enjoy when Jess gets on top & slip slides about ontop of Kayla! The scene ends with a run through of what the girls have worn in the video, showing off the swimsuits & rubbing them over their sexy bodies.

**This video was originally a Custom video for a customer, however this should not distract from your enjoyment of the video**

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