SV62 - Busty Sapphire in XXX Swimsuits
We didn't think you'd seen enough of Sapphire so we got her back to reveal a bit more of herself, including some great Swimsuits including a Speedo Aquablade & Classic Cream OPS, with a couple of surprising Insertions along the way.

The Video starts with Sapphire entering the Conservatory wearing a very tight fitting Blue Speedo Aquablade which clings to her boobs & very curvy butt. She bends & stretches infront of the camera, adjusting her straps & running her hands over the smooth Speedo fabric. Her giant boobs are trying to escape all through the video, she sits down and moves her hand inside the swimsuit, touching her breasts & showing through the spandex. Asking whether you'd like to see her assets, she slowly bringing down the top of the swimsuit, using her hands to cup her boobs before releasing them into the fresh air & letting them bounce. She stands & plays with the crotch of the swimsuit, pulling it up against her pussy, making a wedgie & wanting to know if you wanna see more.... After teasing & walking topless she pulls the swimsuit back up, letting her boobs peek through the arm holes & letting her tits bounce on all 4s. Its then time to cover them up & get out her sweet shaved pussy. Sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide she pulls the swimsuit to onside & plays with her little slit. She then turns to all 4s & lets us see her wet pussy from behind & her great butt, Before returning to the floor & playing with her pussy just for us.

We find Sapphire in the bedroom in the next scene, wearing a very unusual but sexy cream swimsuit with a very suggestive chest area which Sapphire exploits very well! Her cleavage looks giant, her boobs pushed together with the suit. She sits on the bed caressing the suit & adjusting her swimsuit, knowing that she is driving us crazy. Holding the swimsuit by the straps she bounces her tits for us using the swimsuit which just looks fantastic, measmurising. But its going to get better!... She prises out her boobs from the swimsuit & bounces on the bed for us... watch her tits go up & down & then round & round.... wow! Imagine what she'd look like on top of you as you fucked... She then moves into the conservatory to show off a bit more of her fantastic body, pulling the swimsuit to one side to allow us to enjoy her shaved pussy, playing with her fingers to finish off, spreading her lips wide...

Sapphire moves to the lounge for the next scene, dressed in a Red White & Blue Classic Swimsuit, she looks great in it, but Sapphire isn't sure... She wonders whether she looks better with her boobs out, so soon pulls down the swimsuit to reveal her prize assets, swinging & bouncing them for us boys. She removes the rest of the swimsuit & gets out her little black friend (Diamond studded Dildo no less!) Sat on the sofa naked, she teases her shaved pussy & opens her damp lips & slides the Dildo deep inside her, She then stands & tries to keep the dildo inside whilst putting on a Black Highneck Zip Swimsuit, which fails spectacularly as the zip breaks & we have to return to Sapphire in a different Swimsuit...

Sapphire is wearing a sexy Blue Speedo with a hidden surprise... a Black Dildo buried deep inside her pussy. Please note there is some picture breakup in this scene but it shouldnt spoil the scene But seen as Sapphire is slowly building up to an orgasm using the Dildo inside the swimsuit, pulling on the suit to force the dildo in deeper I'm sure you won't be looking at the odd line! the scene finishes with her playing with her shaved pussy before stripping fully naked in the conservatory.

For the finale we join Sapphire in the conservatory with a very large glass Dildo! She then puts on a sexy Blue O'Neil Swimsuit, which fits her curves perfectly. She wants to know what to do first with her Glass friend... Sliding it down the front of the swimsuit, between her tits, all wet after being licked... Grabbing her boobs, pushing them together, then moving into the reading room & sitting on the table... running the Dildo over the swimsuit, touching her slit through the suit, rubbing her pussy over the swimsuit, turning her on knowing you are watching. Moving the swimsuit to onside to allow you more of a view... her Shaved slit & damp hole dying for some Glass Dildo Action! She wants to know if you want her to fuck her Dildo.... Cause we do! She sits the Dildo on the table in the upright position & with the Swimsuit pulled to onside lowers herself down on the Dildo... Sapphire Swimsuit Fucking, She moves onto her back & thrusts the Dildo Deep into her pussy before finally moving onto her front & we get a real close up view of her cumming from her Dildo fucking  behind.

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