SV58 - Jess in Swimsuits III
Everyone's favourite is back! Jess :-) She comes to see us at our Winter home to have lots more Swimsuit Fun! Featuring Hydrasuits, Asics, Nike & Arena Suits who could ask for more!

Jess is wearing a Black Speedo Hydrasuit in the first scene, this ultra tight high neck swimsuit really does look the biz on Jess. It clings to here body & really shows off her slim body with a hint of her nipples. We knew you guys would love to watch Jess wriggle about in this suit, so we got her to tidy up the sofa & use this as her prop, so she bends over it, lies on it, all the time ensuring you get a good look of this fantastic combo. Lots of sexy butt crotch & long shots of the whole of the suit.

Onto the next scene & this time Jess is in a very unusual Black Arena with a wetlook triangle straight down her front, with an additional stripe of Arena logos down each side. After lying down in the last scene we get Jess busy in this one, bending & stretching, following a fitness routine. We get up close & personal as the suit rides up her bum & get great shots of her swimsuit covered crotch as she stretches like a star on the floor.

We move into the pool area for the 3rd scene, Jess this time back in a Speedo, Another Hydrasuit, but this time its a partial Latex Wetlook version, similar to a s2000 but with Black Wetlook material down either side & round the edge of the suit. Jess winds up the pool cover & can't wait to get in the water... She slowly submerges the suit into the water, which makes it shrink onto her body & slowly change colour, getting shinier all the time. She swims up & down in the pool before getting out to show us how the suit looks all wet. Pulling the swimsuit away from her wet skin, letting it ping back into place. Some great closeups of her bum & crotch in this scene.

Jess returns to the house in the 4th scene wearing a very special Nike Swimsuit, this Shiny suit with interesting back was very popular when Anna wore it & we thought Jess would be just the person to wear it again. She teases you lying on the bed, allowing us to get some very good shots of this sexy young woman in a very special suit. The scene ends with Jess playing table football, as she moves round we get a great view of the suit as she moves, bending over the table & sticking her cute bum into the air!

Jess goes back to the pool in the next scene wearing an Old Favourite, the White Asics that happens to go see-thru when wet! We can't wait to see Jess get back in the pool & show us how see-thru it can go! She swims in the pool & bounces in & out of the water so we can see what the suit looks like all wet. We can see her boobs through the material, which looks real sexy. She gets back in the water to play with the Ring, which she sits on & promptly falls off straight back in the water!

The final scene is a corker, Jess invites her mate Tammie down to stay with us & they both end up in the pool in a pair of Adidas Full Body Swimsuits! Jess is in her trademark Black (which took an awful lot of squeezing into) and Tammie is in a Blue & Green version. They both head straight to the pool, slowly getting in & getting very very wet! Playing with the floating ring together, having a competition who can get the wettest adidas butt out of the water and finally getting out of the pool so we can see what they both look like soaking wet! The video ends with both these gorgous girls wiggling their wet adidas clad bums right in front of the camera!
What an end! ;-)

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