SV53 - Jess & Shay Swimsuit Lovers
Jess & Shay met up at our Summer House to have lots of Sexy Fun in their Swimsuits. Jess gets caught out playing with herself by Shay, They both go & play with their Dildos in the Hot Tub, get fucked with a Strap On & Much More....

In the first scene Jess starts in her everyday clothes before stripping naked & sliding on a Blue Adidas Swimsuit to give us a sexy little show. She shows us how good she looks in the swimsuit before sliding the crotch to one side to play with her pussy. Initially her lips but she soon gets her fingers all sticky playing with her juices, fingering herself on the sofa... But just as she's starting to enjoy herself Shay walks in wearing a Black Adidas Swimsuit, she is somewhat suprised at what Jess was doing, but is happy for her to carry on, infact she gets in on the act & starts playing too. Its not long before they are all horny, playing with themselves & each other! They head outside to carry on their tase in the Hot Tub, they get their swimsuits all wet. Its not long before the bubbles are on & they get busy playing with their pussies until they cum, all Wet & Shiny in the Sunlight.

The second scene starts with Shay sunbathing outdoors with Jess joining her seconds later in a matching Blue Speedo Aquablade. Jess does a twirl for Shay & Shay then does one for Jess, They feel each other up in the Swimsuit before going into the Garden to lie down for a Sun Bathe. They start touching each others bum, describing how they feel, before they move onto other areas... Its not long before Jess is sucking on Shay's naked boob & Jess returns the favour releasing her boobs before they start to play with their clits. Shay isn't shy & sticks her finger deep inside her wet hole as Jess plays with her pussy. Jess remembers she left a Dildo by the Hot Tub & its not long before they are both all wet in the Hot Tub with their pink friends... They get the swimsuits all wet & tease each others boobs with their toys, Jess making Shay's tits go really hard.  Shay suggests Jess sits on the Side & she slides the dildo deep inside Jess's hole, you can see she is getting turned on, but they then swap so Shay can enjoy Jess sliding a Toy inside her wet Hole. By this stage they are both really horny & they both sit on the side of the Hot Tub thrusting their Dildos deep inside their pussies until they cum!

For the 3rd & final scene its time for some Strap On fucking! The scene starts with Shay sucking on Jess's Strap On cock... Shay in a Green Speedo Swimsuit & Jess in a Green Snakeskin Wetlook Swimsuit, Shay looks hot as hell as she sucks. Shay gets the Strap On Lubed up & Straddles Jess facing her, she pulls her swimsuit to one side & lowers herself onto the cock, slowly taking the whole cock inside her. Shot from behind we see Shay fucking Jess on Top before Shay moves to the Table & Jess takes her from behind, getting the cock covered with Shay's Pussy Juice. She loves the taste of her own juice & licks it off slowly whilst Jess looks on, Its then time for Shay to face camera & take Jess's cock for the final time, riding Jess on Top! Its then time for Jess's turn... Shay has the Strap On & she lies down on the grass for Jess to lower herself on top, we watch as Jess bounces up & down on top of Shay, before she too laps up her Juices off the Shay's cock. They move to the bottom of the garden where Shay takes Jess from behind over the fence, although Jess preferred being on top, so they move back to the top of the garden where Jess cums whilst riding Shay on Top...

The Video is 1hr Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is split into 2x 900Mb AVI Files.

I strongly reccomend using Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser and Please Check your PC meets the Minimum Requirements to Play High Definition Divx Video Files

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