SV50 - Natasha Outdoor Swimsuit Sex II
Natasha was very popular when we shot her a year ago or so, so we thought it was time to get her back! So enjoy Part II... Natasha fucking in Swimsuits Outdoors & in the Hot Tub. She gets a hot creampie in the High Neck Adidas, Cums for us in a White Asics & gets her Black Asics covered in Cum!

In the first scene Natasha is sun-bathing in a Black High Neck Adidas Swimsuit, she is interupted by her horny friend & soon gets the idea, grabbing hold of his crotch & getting her boobs felt through the swimsuit. He reveals her tits from behind the swimsuit & gives them a sexy suck before Natasha unfastens his trousers & gets his big cock in her mouth for a blow job. She deep throats his cock & gets him really hard before moving in front of the Hot Tub to fuck. Natasha lowers herself onto his erect cock facing the camera so you can enjoy the view of Natasha fucking in this rare Adidas Swimsuit. Shot in HD you get to see Natasha from the front & below, the swimsuit shining in the sunlight & her pussy getting banged hard. They then move onto a chair & Natasha takes it from behind, enjoying each hard thrust. For the finale Natasha is led down on the Outdoor Table ready to take a pussy full of hot sticky spunk, she loves getting creampie'd...

Natasha is wearing a White Asics Swimsuit in the 2nd scene, The suit fits her really well & she can't wait to get in the hot tub with it, which ofcourse turns see-thru when she does. She is joined in the tub & its not long before the swimsuit is pulled to one side & her pussy is being massaged by a tongue. This hot couple love trying out kinky toys so are excited to find some Dildo Pants & Natasha jumps at the chance of trying them on over the swimsuit. She is helped into them & really enjoys the feeling. She is getting fucked by a Dildo in her pants! She sits on the side of the Hot Tub & forces the dildo deep into her already soaking pussy. Its then time for a change & a Diamond Dildo comes out... Rohman soon makes her cum licking her pussy & fucking her with the Dildo at the same time... All wet hot n horny in the Hot Tub.

Natasha is in a Black Asics for the final scene, she really enjoys sunbathing in swimsuits, but loves sex more...  Rohman returns with a bulge in his shorts & can't help but start feeling Natasha up in the Asics. He gets his hands inside her suit & grinds his cock against her swimsuit covered body, grinding from beind. They show us some sexy Swimsuit simulated sex before moving into the Hot Tub together. Rohman sits on the edge of the Tub & Natasha pulls down his shorts to reveal his hard cock... Natasha then gets to work... giving him a fantastic blow job. Its then time for Natasha to have some fun, climbing ontop of his cock facing away from the camera initially, she rides him giving him the swimsuit fuck of his life, her wet swimsuit glistening in the sun. We get a great view of the back of the swimsuit before she turns round to face camera & continue to ride his cock. This position really does give a great view of the swimsuit & Natasha's tight shaved pussy. Natasha also loves getting fucked from behind, so its no surprise she is seen grabbing onto the edge of the hot tub as she takes it from the rear.  The scene finishes with Natasha on her back initially taking a portion of cock, but then getting her swimsuit covered in hot Spunk...

The Video is 1hr Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is split into 3x 500-700Mb AVI Files.

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