SV49 - Swimsuit Mix - Natalie, Beth, Anna & Jess
Here is a special video to end 2010, a Swimsuit mix featuring some of our Favourite girls from 2010 in un-seen scenes shot in 2010. Enjoy Natalie, Anna + Beth & Jess having fun & getting wet in the Swimming Pool & enjoy an exclusive video of Beth & Natalie in Speedo Hydrasuits!

In the first set of scenes we join Natalie in the Indoor Swimming Pool. She first samples the water in a sexy burgandy swimsuit, starting dry & shiny watch the swimsuit change once its wet, clinging to Natalie's sexy cuves & showing off her sexy pert nipples. She plays with the ball in the pool & gets her bum out nice & slowly to show you her shiny wet body.  She returns in the 2nd scene in a Blue & Yellow Reebok Legsuit, this really clings to her boobs & bum when dry, but after submerging herself in the pool it really clings to her body in all the right places! She teases you in the pool, playing with her tits which are all wet & trying to escape out of the swimsuit. Bouncing in the pool you can really enjoy her assets! Is there a hint of cameltoe there.... For the 3rd scene Natalie returns in a plain Black Swimsuit, she looks really hot in this & teases you before she gets in the pool. Bouncing around in the pool you can enjoy the swimsuit getting wet & partially see-thru to enjoy her boobs, before she pulls herself out of the water to show you her sexy wet bum. Finally in part 1 Natalie squeezes into a Blue & White Diana Triathalon Swimsuit, this really fits her curvy body well, looking great when she splashes the water over her boobs. A must for all wet swimsuit lovers!

In the 2nd set of scenes we join Beth & Jess in the pool in a pair of very interesting swimsuits, Beth in a Blue/Grey Asics & Jess in a Blue High Neck Speedo. They chat initially about the suits they are wearing before getting in the pool, the water is a bit chilly so at first the girls are a bit shy, but they soon get warmed up when they start playing with the ball in the water. Playing & getting out of the pool so we can see their wet bodies encased in swimsuits, they look fantastic in the shiny wet swimsuits, we get some great closeup shots of their sexy bum & boobs. Enjoy these 2 cute girls playing in wet swimsuits just for you! In the 2nd scene Natalie joins Beth in the cottage, beth is wearing a Black Speedo Hydrasuit, Natalie reveals a Black Speedo Hydrasuit from under her bathrobe, but hers is slighly different with red piping. They discuss the suits they are wearing & decide to do a little fashion show, walking towards the camera, turning & walking back. They look great both in Hydrasuits & we get some great HD Closeup shots of the suits & their sexy bodies! They then start to follow a fitness DVD on the TV, so we follow each move focusing on boobs & bums in sexy Shiny Speedo Hydrasuits. The final scene of the video we join Anna in the Pool in a Black Slazenger Swimsuit, Anna just loves to tease & she looks great in this suit, she slowy slides into the pool, which suddenly sends her suit all shiny with her nipples poking through the swimsuit! We ask her to get in & out of the pool a few times to see more of her sexy wet body. She enjoys playing with the ball & giving us a great cheeky smile before she heads out of the pool to dry off.

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