SV48 - Natalie & Debbie Try Out Swimsuits
A Christmas Special for you this month! The gorgeous Natalie & Debbie get together to choose Swimsuits to take on Holiday. Watch Natalie & Debbie strip Naked & try on various Swimsuits, listen to what they think of them & enjoy the Sexy Girls in some very Special Swimsuits.

The video starts with Debbie coming into the room wearing a Black Speedo Hydrasuit & Natalie sparkling in a Red Wetlook OPS, They are chatting about which suits they like, we snoop on what they are saying as we shoot up close n personal with the Girls in OPS. Natalie Pulls on Debbies Swimsuit Butt & they enjoy how each others boobs look in the Swimsuits. Listen to what the girls chat about when trying on swimsuits!

Natalie Returns with a Blue & Green Swimsuit for Debbie to try on, It doesn't take long for Debbie to get Naked & show us what she looks like in her birthday suit, She squeezes into the suit & Does a twirl, she thinks Natalie would look better in it, but Natalie suggests she has a better suit... a Black Adidas, Debbie helps Natalie undo the Swimsuit & reveals her massive tits & Shaved Pussy for the first time! The Adidas fits Natalie like a glove & we get lots of Closeup HD Shots of her Swimsuit Covered Body. They ease adjust each others swimsuit to make them look the best before relaxing on the sofa together.

In the next Scene Debbie tries out a plain Yellow Swimsuit & Natalie tries to squeeze into a Black & Pink Speedo, but even with Debbie's help she can't get it up her legs, which Natalie is disappointed about. So Natalie lies back on the sofa naked & gets Debbie to parade in the Yellow suit & later Helps Debbie squeeze into the Suit Natalie couldn't fit into... Although its not long before Natalie brings out another great looking Swimsuit to try. She's not sure about the look, so Debbie goes to grab her favourite Swimsuits....

Debbie slips out of the Black suit & puts on a Bronze Wetlook Thong Swimsuit, which only just covers her assets! And Natalie can't wait to put on a Green Wetlook High Neck Thong OPS, they then get their makeup out & chat about the suits as they make themselves up. Kneeling on the floor we get a great shot of both girls butts in the Thong Back Swimsuits.

They continue trying & swapping swimsuits over the next few minutes, trying on a number of Speedo & Slazenger Swimsuits, each time adjusting each other & discussing how great they'd look on the beach! The final set of Swimsuits they try is a Plain Blue OPS for Debbie & a fantastically sexy low cut Adidas for Natalie... It shows off her boobs & doesn't she know it! Jiggling them just for Debbie & parading up & down in front of our camera. The video ends with a cat fight over the swimsuits & bobble!

The Video is 1hr Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is 4x 500Mb AVI Files.

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