SV40 - Kitty Shiny Swimsuits
This month we welcome another new Girl to Meet Kitty, An ex Gymnast, kitty has a great tiny frame for showing off Shiny Swimsuits!

The first scene was shot outdoors on Blackpool Beach in July Suprisingly! Its a bit windy (apologies for the sound quality) but she has some fun stripping out of her clothes to reveal a blue Maru Swimsuit on the promenade. It was absolutely freezing that day but she had lots of fun playing on the beach & even getting wet in the water! She then walks back into Blackpool wearing just some Jeans & a Swimsuit!

For the 2nd scene we relocate back to her house, wearing a blue Wetlook swimsuit she introduces herself & we get to see how great she looks in this particular swimsuit. It clings to her bum & her nipples poke through the thin material. She's very flexible so its not long before we investigate every inc h of her body in the swimsuit, closeup & in HD.

For the 3rd scene she chooses a rare Japanese Speedo s2000 Swimsuit in pink. She loves pink... the swimsuit matching her nail polish. She tidies up her makeup & does some catwalk poses & walks for us, so we can enjoy how great she looks in the suit. Being an Ex-Gymnast she offers to do some stretches & poses for us, we can't say no! so enjoy the interesting shapes she can get into!

A lot of you enjoyed the Jess video where she wore the Full Length Black Adidas Legsuit, so we thought we'd get Kitty to try it on too, there is a great shot of a cameltoe in this scene along with the fantastic looking legsuit. She fills it out very well & ensures you enjoy every inch of the shiny Adidas fabric. Watch as she poses against the white wall for you & rolls about on the floor (shot very closeup ;-)

Kitty loved the feel of the Adidas legsuit, so we got her in a Blue TYR Short legsuit too, it was a really tight fit, but it looks great on her. We get her to do some more gymnastics for us, so we can get some good shots of her sexy swimsuit covered body... Handstands & stretches + more!

To finish the Video Kitty gets all wet & messy :-) In a Black Maru Swimsuit, she leaves nothing to the imangination covering the swimsuit from head to toe in shiny wet Baby Oil, watch it sink in & Kitty get covered! Slip sliding about she has lots of fun!

The Video is 1hr 7mins Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is split into a 900mb & 1.1Gb AVI File.

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Enjoy the pictures of the Swimsuits below! (Click for Larger Pic):

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