SV33 - Anna XXX in Swimsuits!
This is a very special day for, Anna chose SV to do her first Adult Video, which we were very happy to do! So here you go... Anna Gets Naughty with her Swimsuits, Dildo & Even Fingers...

Anna Starts off clothed in some cargo pants & a Tshirt, she strips to reveal a very sexy Black Nike Swimsuit. It fits her body perfectly, tight in all the right places but stretchy enough for her to get her boobs out :-) We get lots of close up shots of her sexy swimsuit covered butt & a great shot when she reveals her boobs for the first time...  She takes things slowly & gives us a quick flash of her tight shaved pussy, before covering up again with the Tight Black Swimsuit. But she soon warms up & gives us what we want to see.... Lube, Swimsuit, fingers & a very wet pussy... She certainly enjoy's herself, shot in HD & Very Closeup...

The second scene is quite similar, Anna starts clothed, but this time reveals a Black Adidas Swimsuit which again fits her like a glove, covering her substancial boobs & sexy butt. It doesn't take long this time for her boobs to make an appearance, she loves playing with them! The lube comes out soon after and its not long before her pussy is out & fingers & making it all wet & shiny. Lots of closeup shots from front & behind, watching Anna enjoy the feel of the swimsuit & ofcourse her wet hole.

The third scene Anna appears in a Blue & Grey Asics Swimsuit, she is very horny from wearing & playing in the other swimsuits earlier, so the lube comes out after posing for us to show off how tight the rare Asics Suit is. It looks fantastic from the back & her tight pussy looks perfect from the front. She sits on the floor & pulls the swimsuit to onside, which gives her easy access to her tight hole, She starts to finger herself, thrusting them deep inside her. Shot from below you see how deep her fingers go in & watch how her eyes change as she gets closer & closer to cumming...

For Thong & Bum lovers there is a interesting Yoga scene next with Anna wearing 2 different Spandex Thong Leotards. The idea is that she bends over & we film from behind, her ass cheeks part & you get a fantastic view of thong through her butt crack!

The final scene Anna wears a White Asics Swimsuit from Japan, just about recovered from her marathon orgasm in the blue Asics! Starting naked we watch her put it on & enjoy the HD shots from the front & back.  She gets out her pink Dildo & runs it along the outside of the suit over her clit, teasing us initially, but the boobs soon come out & the Dildo is soon thrust deep into her wet hole. Shot from low down we get a great view of it going in & out.  She lowers herself to the floor & continues to play, pushing her fingers deep into her pussy... Then the inevitable happens...

The Video is 1hr Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is 3x 300-600Mb AVI Files.

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