SV28 - Anna in Swimsuits
We have already introduced Anna in the Spandex Section of the site, so this month its time to see her in some very tight & shiny Swimsuits in & around the pool in our Welsh Cottage.

She shows off her sexy body & cheeky smile in a number of interesting & rare swimsuits & I hope you enjoy the collection.

The video starts indoors with Anna modelling a very nice Black Nike Swimsuit, She looks great in it with the Nike detailing on the front, it also has a very unusual back. She enjoys lounging around in our cottage, lying down on the sofa + floor & showing us her great long legs. She fights with the back of the swimsuit & gets a nice wedgie which she seems to ignore! The video then moves outdoors where she plays with our newest Toy... Our Jag, I think Swimsuits & Cars go together very well! She poses on the bonnet & enjoys sitting in the Leather seats before having a wander about in the Garden. Its very cold outdoors so we get some fantastic shots of her nipples poking through the very tight black swimsuit.

Next up we move to her bedroom... She is sporting a Blue Arena Swimsuit from Japan, It fits her very snuggly & has a very interesting silver panel just above the legs.  She poses with the Oak beams in the room before jumping on the bed & spreading out showing us the best bits of the swimsuit! (And her ofcourse!)

She moves on to the Swimming Pool in the next scene, wearing a dry plain Blue Swimsuit initially before she submerges herself in the cold water, which soon turns her swimsuit wet & gets her nipples poking through the suit :-) Wet swimsuits look fantastic & this one is no different. Enjoy watching Anna playing with a ball in the pool without having to get wet!

Anna enjoys playing in the pool so puts on a different swimsuit to see what the next one feels like & how it looks when it gets wet... The next one we see is a very Rare Asics Swimsuit from Japan, Purple Blue & Green in colour. This suit is a size XS so is very very small, it fits Anna like a glove & hides absolutely nothing... We get to see her nipples poking through yet again once they are submerged in the cool pool water.  Watch her bounce around in the water & just generally have fun.

We were suprised by the next suit, it looked very dull & boring when it was dry, A Speedo Endurance, it wasn't shiny & wasn't too interesting, but that soon changed as soon as she got in the pool with it! It went very shiny & clinged to her body great, she plays in the pool before parading at the side of the pool with the soaking wet swimsuit.

The final scene which is a 2nd Video file features Anna in the Bathroom getting all wet with a different substance, wearing a tight Blue Swimsuit, she covers herself with some J-Lube which we made up. Its a clear lube which looks great when its put on swimuits & spandex. Its quite slimey & runs together when its put on the fabric. Anna is wearing some knee length socks with her swimsuit so she didn't slip over in the bath but I think you'll agree she looks great all lubed up! She showers clean at the end of the scene.

The Video is 40mins Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video downloads are 1x 900Mb & 1x 200Mb AVI File.

I strongly reccomend using Mozilla Firefox Internet Browser and a Download Manager Like Download Them All to enable you to Download the Video Files Without Dissapointment.

   Please Check your PC meets the Minimum Requirements to Play High Definition Divx Video Files to Avoid Dissapointment. To Avoid Disappointment, please dont try to play these files without downloading.

Enjoy the pictures of the Swimsuits below!:
Download the Free Sample Video Here -
Download the Free Sample Video Here -

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