SV26 - Natalie on Holiday in Wales
Natalie came away with Shinyvideos to a great cottage in the countryside & we couldn't wait to get her in some swimsuits & film her having fun & doing some work in the Cottage!

The video starts in her bedroom, she decides it'd be fun to put some sexy satin sheets on her bed & enjoy the feeling of the swimsuits rubbing against her skin & the silky shiny soft satin. In the first scene she removes the normal bedding from the bed & gets out her White Satin Sheets. Watch her bend over & dress the bed in a Black Speedo Hydrasuit. Once the bed is ready, she can't wait to jump on & start feeling how the satin & swimsuit feels against her skin, she slides up & down on her front, rubbing her boobs into the satin & swimsuit. She rolls onto her back & makes sure you enjoy the sliding & swimsuit as much as she does!

She changes into a different Black swimsuit next to see whether she gets any more excitement sliding over the satin sheets in this swimsuit, It looks great holding her boobs in. Watch as she pulls herself forward on the bed pushing her boobs between the satin & swimsuit & enjoying the fee of the satin underneath.

Natalie then tries a 3rd Swimsuit a Blue Wetlook Thong, this one looks fabulous on her body, showing off her large boobs & very sexy bum. Watch her slip slide on the Satin, looking very very sexy. 

Natalie ends the first section back in the 2nd Black suit, as this feels the best, slip sliding around on the bed before she gets a bit too excited & has to put the old cotton sheets back on.

For the second part of the Video Natalie is put to work! She has made a awful mess in the Kitchen so we task her to tidy up & wash all the plates & cooking implements. She does this for us dressed in a Maroon Spandex Swimsuit, Its very plain but Natalie's curves fill it perfectly & we have a fantastic time watching her bum from behind as she works through the mountain of washing up. Its a very shiny swimsuit & you get up close & very personal with Natalie's Bum!

We allow her to have a break & wear a different swimsuit, so she chooses a wetlook Gold & Black swimsuit, it shows off her boobs brilliantly. She has a game of pool on her own, bending over & leaning forward playing the shots & ofcourse we have captured this all in HD for you in this Video! If you like the idea of a tight shiny swimsuit riding up her bum or her fantastic big boobs threatening to fall out of the swimsuit, then you will enjoy this scene!

The final scene Natalie is cleaning in the kitchen once more, this time in a plain black shiny Swimsuit, Continuing watching from behind at the sink & enjoying the view when she cleans the light & table.

The Video is 1Hr Long & is Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX. The Video download is 2x 1Gb AVI File.

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Enjoy the pictures of the Swimsuits below!:

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