SV23 - Beth, Jess & Natalie Swimsuit Spectacular!
This is the First Video to be released shot from the 'Cottage Shoot'. This was a step forwards for Shinyvideos, working on location with an Indoor Swimming Pool on site!

May we introduce Beth & Jess to Beth is the Petite Brunette & Jess is the taller of the 2 Girls. This release is a 2 Part video, In the 2nd Part they are joined by Natalie.

The First Scene Starts with Beth in a Navy Mizuno s2000 Swimsuit & Beth in a Black Wetlook Zipper Suit. They say hi & chat about which swimsuits they are wearing. They turn round & show off the front & the back . Beth looks fantastic the s2000 showing off her petite frame perfectly. They soon get upto some fun having a pillow fight, see the suits in action! They loose the pillows down the back of the sofa which means we get some fantastic shots of their swimsuit covered bums! The suits really cling to their bums! Lovely View!!

Next up we get Beth in a very sexy & shiny Purple Asics Swimsuit & Jess is in a Blue Red & White Diana One Piece. The shine on the Asics is fantastic & the Diana fits snugly on Jess. They introduce the suits the get up to do a nice dance for us, which gives us a great view of their bums as they turn, the fit on the Asics is fantastic, I do love a tight bum in swimsuits... Dancing as if they were in a Club, in Swimsuits... Now that would make me go to a Club!  They sort each others hair sitting on a stool before getting up & having a look round the cottage, lots more fantastic shots of their swimsuit covered bodies!

Have you ever wondered how much fun it would be to watch 2 sexy girls play pool in wetlook swimsuits? - Well we did so we got Beth & Jess to have a game! Its a brilliant spectator sport if you love looking at tight bums bent over playing shots on a table. Beth is in a Green Wetlook Turtleneck Thong Swimsuit & Jess is in a Gold & Yellow number, enjoy the view of bent over bums & boobs trying to escape as they play their shots!

Natalie joins Beth & Jess in the Swimming Pool for the next part of the Video, Beth is wearing a White & Pink Asics, Jess a Red Adidas & Natalie a Plain Green OPS. The main idea of the next 30mins is for the girls to have fun & us to enjoy the view!

They all get in the pool & can't wait to get their swimsuits all wet.  They soon find a ball, and decide to play Piggy in the Middle, which means the middle girl has to try & catch the ball & whoever throws the ball & gets it caught is made to go in the middle. Its great fun & we get the chance to see the girls swimsuits in use! The camera zooms in on each to girl to get the best view! Beth's white Swimsuit seems to have gone see-through quite soon & the cool pool area has got Nipples poking!  Its great when the ball gets thrown out of the pool as the girls rush out boobs bouncing to get the ball in their soaking wet swimsuits! Natalie gets very bouncy in her green suit & Beth's suit does get quite revealling!

Jess gives Natalie a Piggy back so she's higher up so she can catch the ball, which gives us the ideal vantage point on her swimsuit covered bum.  Jess then gets the same treatment by Natalie but gets dumped in the pool.  Jess & Natalie then retrieve the ball, the red Adidas looking great & Jess looking soaked, hair & all.

Beth decides her swimsuit has gone a bit too see-through so goes to change into another suit. Natalie gets out to get a drink & we make sure we get lots of closeups of her sexy big boobs & wet swimsuit, Jess soon follows so we get some closeups of her fantastic swimsuit covered body.

Beth returns in the Purple Asics from earlier they have some more fun in the pool, Jess bombs into the pool & does a handstand underwater & they come up with a new game....

2 Balls, 3 Girls & whoever drops the ball has to do a forefit out of the pool on the side, lots of dripping wet sexy girls & swimsuits for you to enjoy!

Natalie (Green OPS) & Jess (Red Adidas) have to do 10 Body Pops..
Beth (Purple Asics) has to do 10 Star Jumps
Jess goes to change her Swimsuit & Beth (Purple Asics) has to do 10 Press Ups
Beth (Purple Asics) has to do a Funny Dance
Jess returns in a Blue Speedo & Natalie goes to change her Swimsuit.
 Jess (Blue Speedo) has to do 10 Sit Ups
Beth (Purple Asics) has to do more Star Jumps & then has to touch her toes (Nice Bending shots!)
Natalie returns in a Black Adidas & Beth has to do the Chicken Dance!
Natalie (Black Adidas) has to do Star Jumps

The video finishes with all the girls out the pool so we can enjoy a last shot of wet swimsuits...
The Total Video Length is 63mins Long & is split up into 2x 1Gb AVI Video Files.

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