Shinyvideos 20 - Emma & Becky in Swimsuits HD
Please welcome Emma & Becky to! These 2 friends are going on holiday & are having some fun choosing which swimsuits to take with them. They try lots of swimsuits on & even have time to have some dance, bubble & shower fun!

Emma & Becky start off in a pair of Black & Blue Adidas Swimsuits, which they really like, they look fabulous in them! The compare the swimsuits, touching each others & chatting about how they fit their boobs. They also turn round & make sure their bums look good & tight, plus they make sure nothing hangs out when they bend over!

The next swimsuits they try are a pair of Blue & Pink Speedos, Emma's swimsuit only just holds her boobs in & they discuss that she'd be worried about her boobs popping out.. They enjoy feeling each others swimsuits, they both love how tight & smooth they are. They both do a twirl & put on a show for each other (& Us!)

The next swimsuits they test are a Grey Speedo for Emma & a Black Arena for Becky, they can't wait to feel what each others swimsuit feels like, they just love the feel of the shiny spandex! Emma thinks hers is a bit tight & Becky gives her bum a closer inspection. After saying something she shouldn't they both get the cushions out to have a fight... Ending with Emma straddling Becky...

Next Up Emma shows off a very small Blue Speedo & Becky is in a slighty larger red & black speedo. Again Emma's boobs are bursting out & Becky points out Emma's Nipples poking through by giving them a quick caress. Becky is also quick to get Emma on all 4's to look at her fantastic bum, but soon its Becky's turn, there bums look fantastic covered in tight & shiny Swimsuit! Even better they spot a dance routine they like on the TV & Start dancing, so we get to see their bum's whilst they dance!

In a bit of a change to what they have been wearing so far the girls try on some wetlook thong swimsuits, Emma in a plain Blue & Becky in a Turquoise Slitted version. They love the shine & what they do to their boobs & really like the thong backs! And so do We! They inspect each other's thongs to make sure nothing is on show before doing a catwalk show for each other & us!  A song comes on the TV & again they just have to get up & dance, giving us a excellent view!

The girls are both in Purple one pieces next, having lots of fun showing off to each other, they both turn round & bend over showing off their bum. However they don't think the swimsuits are shiny enough, so try to get them a bit shinier by playing with some baby oil which they enjoy doing... They finish the scene by dancing together.

Next up they get all wet in the shower in some plain black & blue swimsuits, watch them shower each other & scrub each other down!

A somewhat new idea for Shinyvideos is up next, the girls dressed in a Black Adidas Swimsuit & Blue Speedo play in the kitchen with a sink full of Bubbles, they get the swimsuits & themselves covered in Bubbles!

As a Final Bonus Scene...

The girls dress up for a night out, Emma wears a Black Catgirl Catsuit & Becky wears a Gold & White Spandex Catsuit, which they both look very sexy in!

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