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Now i like to tell you about the videos i put up and these two are no exception. The amazing Chloe and Axa in a full girl on girl fight. I had a number of people asking for custom clips with this style, so here's two of the best with different outfits. So the catsuit fight needed a goal, something to fight for, so catsuits and boots. Now tight fitting catsuits can get you hot and not just sexually ;) Watch as these two really go for it. Rolling around, pulling at each other this is pure girl on girl wrestling home style. You can see the determination in both of them to win and by the end you see how hot and sweaty they both are. The next video is swimsuit-heaven for all the right reasons, perfect models in sexy aquabalde swimsuits. We watch as Axa changes into her suit, what a sexy body she has, then they compare how the look. Well Chloe annoys Axa and is soon in a headlock as the girls struggle with each other. Chloe is then tied and teased through her suit. To carry on will spoil, but all ends well with a kiss. This is really one of the special videos that i'm sure you will all enjoy.

The Videos equal 40mins running time & are Shot in Full HD. The Video is in Encoded in 720p DivX.

The Video download is 817mb and 613mb AVI Files

I've changed the gallery of pictures with this update, as image-barn is now getting over run with adverts and pop up windows and i want to keep everything user friendly.

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